American Idol: David Cook, U2 and the Music Industry

Dreamer: John, 18, American

This was a dream I had a few weeks ago that surprised me with how well I remembered it. I have been all over the net, looking for an interpretation. However, nobody has been able to give me one. Here is some background info you may need: I am an 18-year-old male. I am a DIE-HARD U2 fan.

Oh well, here it is. I was at my Grandma's house (except it sure wasn't my Grandma's house), and I was frantically searching for U2 tickets. The show, the first of three, had been announced that day and was to take place that night. Well, also staying at my Grandma's were the Spice Girls (all five).

Therefore, I was walking around, when I walked into the kitchen.

Sporty was in there. She made a comment along the lines of 'Gaining a little weight?' I think I replied, 'Well, we can't all be as beautiful as you are.' Then she said, 'That's okay' and began rubbing my stomach. Of course, I was in heaven. Therefore, I went out for a swim in my Grandma's pool, which is odd because she doesn't have one. So, I was swimming, as were many people (none of whom I knew, except for the Spice Girls). So the pool was kind of two pools combined, and all of a sudden, I uncontrollably flipped from one pool to the other. On the way to the other, I bumped into somebody, but I did not know them. So I got out, and my Mom started talking to me about a Q101 (radio station) special on U2's live show.

She was saying it was bad. Therefore, I went inside to watch the TV special. When I went down into the basement, my Uncle Paul was there, except he was a grown-up Greg Brady (and I was well aware of that). He took me in a room, and gave me an old acoustic guitar. He told me not to tell anybody in my family, 'cause they'd all be jealous. Therefore, I went to play, but instead of a pick, I had a bow, like from a violin. So I said, 'Hey, just like Jimmy Page' (the guitarist from Led Zeppelin, who sometimes played with a bow). With that, I started playing Whole Lotta Love (a well-known Led Zeppelin song). Then Baby Spice came down and entered the room except I think she was supposed to be my Aunt Joni, I can't be sure. So, then my Uncle said, 'Hey, go call so-and-so from the Minnesota Twins,' (I don't remember the name). 'He can hook you up with U2 tickets.' Therefore, I went upstairs to make the call. On the way up, I had to pass the Spice Girls, who were all watching TV. I decided to impress them with the fact that I was gonna go see U2. So, on the way by, I started singing I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (a well-known U2 song, possibly my favorite one). However, it went unnoticed. So, I proceeded to make the call for the U2 tickets. However, before they picked up, I woke up. Well, there it is.

Mr. Hagen's Reply: 

You are 18 and you seem to unconsciously understand the consumer and erotic imagery and psychological landscape of our culture, especially the music culture. I do not know the music of U2 well enough, (although I recognize the name and know of Bono's charitable work). Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven music video) is a little more familiar (Whole Lot of Lovmusic video). The Spice Girls are somewhat dated, however they were quite popular for a while; they recently went on a reunion tour. Other aspects of pop culture in your dream include music radio (Q101) and the popular American TV program the Brady Bunch which has also been into the Brady Bunch movie (see film opening). You seem to have middle class values and identify with Greg Brady in your dream. Mix this all together and this seems to be a typical dream of an adolescent growing up in North America. Of interest is that the Americal Idol 2008 David Cook sang the song "I Still Have'nt found What I'm Looking For" (American Idol video).

Hope these thoughts are of help and provide some insight,
Mark H.

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