Living Your Dreams

Instructions for Video posting

  1. The text of the dream that you are acting out must be provided for the viewer to read prior to the video presentation.

  2. A dream is a dramatic story told in pictures. Aristotle’s Poetics provides a model for understanding the theatre of dreams. In this theatre we find a dramatic structure for organizing the action, characters, plot, conflict, language, ideas and the spectacle.

  3. The dream text should be adapted to play out the dramatic words and images of the dream creating a screenplay. The screenplay can build and/or reveal character, action, plotlines, ideas and conflicts.

  4. Without conflict there is no drama, therefore the dramatic conflict found in dreams is usually at the centre of the staging of the dream text. You are attempting to animate and act out these dramatic conflicts on screen thereby bringing them to life.

  5. In the theatre of the mind, the dramatic staging of make-believe games begins in childhood and carries on throughout life. It is this mind and dreamscape that you can help to illuminate.

  6. The videos you contribute will go to provide a platform, a framework to mimic the dreams of the 6.6 billion living in the Global Village.

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