The Ecology of Family Dreams–or-Anatomy of Planned Parenting

Expectant Mothers -or- Happiness and Self Confidence in Dreams

The feeling of "awe" is intimately related to the sentiment of wonder, which is psychologically linked to curiosity and the drive for knowledge. Having already discussed the feeling of awe in the dream interpretation "Art, Beauty and the Sublime of Nature", this interpretation discusses a dream that involves this sense of "wonder" about our dreams. 

Often women are unprepared for having a child and becoming mothers. We can see how women adjust to the idea and then later when the real baby is born, if we look at their dreams. Here is one such dream; 

Ruth, 25

I dreamt that I had this new born baby girl, that my boyfriend and i loved each other very much, and I was just going through daily life living with this new baby. It wasn't nearly as difficult of an adjustment as we thought it would be. I remember her sleeping with us, and her being around all the time. Changing diapers, feeding, etc..... then at the end of the dream i remember being at the local mall here and i was having my nails, and hair done as if i was getting ready for some kind of event.  I was so happy in my dream, i have to wonder what it all means, if you can help me interpret this, i would greatly appreciate it. 

Mr Hagen's Reply: Wondering What it All Means-or-Dreams and Planned Parenting 

Wondering "what it all means", is what your dream is all about. Your dream is about the wonder of "getting ready for some kind of event". That major life "event", is known as child birth. Your feelings of wonder are about your "new born" baby, and of the love and caring for that child. These are all the depth-psychological ingredients for "secure emotional attachment" and a "happy" family. 

The psychological idea of "planned parenting" is not a new one. Theodore Lidz "The Family and Human Adaptation" advocated for social research into the "environmental" causes of psychological injuries, problems and adjustment disorders. No where can we observe both the environmental as well as the biological causes of psychological problems than in our dreams.

Dreams can take on "prospective" functions in the experiential service of future psychological "adjustments". Your dream is about preparing yourself with the wonders of creating life and a loving family. In her book "the ecology of the imagination in childhood" Edith Cobb tells us that; "Wonder is, first of all, a response to the novelty of experience (although not to be totally unexpected, which tends to arouse anxiety). Wonder is itself a kind of expectancy of fulfillment." Often when expectations are high and emotional fulfillment is low, then stress, trauma, frustration and sometimes aggression can become the result. Many dreams received by the IIDR speak about women as "expectant mothers" who are un-prepared. Your dream is preparing you for what to expect, leaving you with a healthy sense of self-confidence and efficacy.


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