The Roman Catholic Church -or- The Pope in Guatemala

Biblical Symbolism -or- Vatican City 

Having traveled, I have seen many synagogues, mosques, and churches all over the world, including the Church of the Nativity. I have also seen Saint Peter's Basilica, and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City, in Rome. As an artistic, religious and architectural monument of the "Roman Catholic Church" it is rich in the Biblical symbolism of both Judaism and ChristianityReligious symbolism continues to make their way into our dreams. 

Many dreams sent to the International Institute for Dream Research speak of going to church, or going to a place of Christian worship. From a "Roman Catholic" perspective, the dream below, speaks about "The Pope", which derives from the Latin word that means "father". Here is the dream; 

Amadis, 36 Guatemala 

I had a very vivid dream in a well lit place, not shiny, but definitely not dark. Some people in XVI costumes were forcing me into being crowned as The Pope. I was confused, scared but not felt threatened, because at the same time they were like worshipping me. These people meant good, but I could not convince them of their mistake and that made me feel very uncomfortable. I dislike the current Pope, which made me repulse taking his place. I felt extremely tired of wrestling and yelling hoarse to them. 

The Historical Power of Religious Symbolism -or- The Crowning of The Pope 

The Pope is seen as the head and spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church which has a long and storied history. The Roman Emperor Constantine reportedly religiously converted the Roman Empire to Christianity after experiencing a dream that instructed him to mark his soldier's shields with the "heavenly divine symbol" of Christ.   

In Roman Catholic Church doctrine The Pope is evidently seen as the successor to Saint Peter. The long list of Popes spans from Saint Peter on to Pope Benedict XVI, the one you say you "dislike". We are informed that there have been a total of 265 Popes that have succeeded Peter in the last nearly 2000 years since Christ's crucifixion

The religious idea that you are "being crowned" Pope in your dream, seems to be where your problem with the present "Holy See" representative of Catholicism and the "Roman Curia"  focuses on. The "Papal tiara" is a religious symbol of The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. The three tiered tiara has traditionally been placed on the head of The Pope at his coronation. The religious symbolic tiara was last worn by Pope Paul VI and none of his successors have worn one since. Many traditional Catholics have campaigned for its symbolic reinstatement. Reportedly Pope Benedict XVI has further broken with Catholic symbolic tradition of the use of the Papal tiara. 

Some Catholics evidently believe the symbolism of the three tiers is symbolically associated to Christ's threefold office of "Priest, Prophet and King". Reportedly the Archbischop who designed Pope Benedict XVI's tiara-less coat of arms, the three denotes "order, jurisdiction and magisterium". Others believe they represent the "celestial, human and terrestrial worlds". My own reading of the symbolic significance of the "Papal tiara" is somewhat different, it represents the Church of Nativity and the three Kings or "Biblical Magi" who bore three gifts. The song "We Three Kings" (watch video) celebrates the birth of Christ. 

The symbolic idea that in the dream you find yourself in "a well lit place", suggests  religious lighting and an architectural metaphor. The fact that you say that some of the people in your dream are dressed in XVI century costume provides a historical point of reference for your dream. Saint Peter's Basilica was begun in 1506 when the foundation stone was laid.  The nave  and its lighting plays an important religious symbolic role in many churches including St Peter's Basilica. Both Raphael and Michaelangelo contributed to the building of the Basilica. 

On a few final notes about the religious symbolism of Christ; namely if he was born by "immaculate conception", it has been much debated whether he had a "navel". From a symbolic perspective it could be asked whether the "Church of the Nativity" and the symbolic blood of Christ is that which connects all Christians, and whether this can be seen as the spiritual navel of the dream of Christianity? Finally, the religious debate about whether Christ was a Rabbi or a Priest is discussed in another dream interpretation "Rabbi and Priest". One thing is for certain, navel or not, in accordance with the Halakha laid down by Moses, Christ was circumcised as it was called for in the Jewish tradition, and part of Abraham's covenant with G_d.


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