Students Coming of Age Stories -or- Where the Boys Are

Alice, 19 American

It's my birthday, and we are celebrating. There is my boyfriend, my two best guy friends, my best girl friend, and another girl friend who I haven't seen in years. We were celebrating over cake and talking and laughing, and then my current friend said that there was a reunion at our high school, and that we could check it out before we go out and party. We went, and everyone from school was there, even people from college. We all gathered in the gym, and it was huge! They were handing out awards for 'Best Athlete of 2010'. All the winners lined up, the guys were wearing their basketball uniforms, all maroon. The girls had their prom dresses, some flashy pink, some bright blue, some pale green, every color of the rainbow.

While they were taking pictures, all those who did not win an award were up against the walls of the gym. I found myself next to one of my guy friends, and he leaned in to kiss me. 

Mr Hagen's Reply; Students Rites of Passage -or Summer of 42

All those who remember their student years, also recollect their Coming of Age story which celebrates the collective cultural rites of passage. From a Western popular film culture perspective films like Where the Boys Are (watch film trailer), Summer of 42 and Dirty Dancing (watch video clip of Time of My Life) all illustrate the genre. Yours is such a dream, where a high school reunion, party and prom are all rolled up into one. While perhaps somewhat culturally dated, the once popular song by Connie Francis Where the Boys Are conveys the enduring generational sentimental dream.

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