Humor -or- Is this a five minute argument?

Joan, 23

My boyfriend and I had an argument that was fairly intense.

Mr Hagen's Response; Monty Python -or- Is this the right room for an Argument?

Think of Adam and Eve and the temptation of eating from the tree of knowledge, arguments have gone on since time immemorial. Humor is one of the best therapeutic tools and defence mechanisms against the absurdities and stress of life including the arguments we involve ourselves in. From a popular film perspective the romantic comedy When Harry met Sally (watch video) features (much as in your dream) a couple's quarrel (about a coffee table). From a different popular culture perspective Monty Python's Argument Clinic (see video clip) provided its audience with a satirical and absurd look at the human propensity for argument and arguments for arguments sake.

Other dreams such as The Cosmic Joke discussed at the International Institute for Dream Research (IIDR) website speak to our need for therapeutic humor. Read full IIDR article Laughter in Hell.

Mark H


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