Pick Up Artists -or- Risk Taking Behaviour

Juanita, 19 Mexican

I dream that i am with a guy that i like and we go hiking in the mountains and all of a sudden, a guy that likes me shows up and we try to hide and go to the guy i likes house. He kisses me and i leave after a couple of minutes and i am at a party with my cousins with another guy i like. He likes me too and he ends up being my boyfriend. Those two guys i have never met them in my life and i dont know if they exist. After the party a guy that i know in person and he likes me, picks me up and we hangout. After that i wake up scared.

Mr Hagen's Reply: Party Time -or- The Art of the Pick Up

There are a lot of "guys" in your dream. It is like other dreams The Green Eyed Monster -or- Strip Tease and Dating Game received by the International Institute for Dream Research, in that you are testing your lure for erotic (kissing) attractions (guys you "like"). The main difference in this dream is that you appear to like getting "picked up". Freeman Strick (in a popular culture writing style) wrote the promisquous breed in 1966, consciously signalling a "deep-rooted change" of sexual morality and codes of conduct that was taking place especially for North American women. Janis Joplin's song One Night Stand seems to provide the sentiment of your dream.

A book by Neil Strauss The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists features a seductive and near predatorial male gaming (The Art of the Pick Up see date training video)approach to dating. The 1987 film The Pick-Up Artist features Jack (Robert Downey Jr.) who provides some insight into the games pick up artists play. I hope you understand where this is potentially going? You appear to be taking risks (in your fantasy) with men that you do not know. Perhaps that's what makes it exciting for you? Many dreams received by the IIDR deal with very real (not fantasy) rape of women, abuse or worse. Oh yes, we might add the potential for communicable STD diseases. Your dream may be warning you of the risks you are taking.

The image She May Look Clean-But found in the theatre above was an American WWII military poster that appealed to GIs patriotism to protect themselves. 

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