Happily Ever After -or- Dreaming with a Broken Heart?

Coming of Age in the Global Village

Many dreams reveal the need, the desire and the search for love, partnership, marriage and a family. As part of the coming of age story of every new generation their romantic paths are filled with hopeful poetic expectations and often symptomatic of broken hearts and dreams.

The two dreams provided below, contrast the differences. The first dream is simple and has a "happily ever after" feel. While the second represents the romantic agonies of a broken heart. From a popular cultural perspective Jimmy Ruffin's What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (see music video) expresses the poetic sentiment. As well John Mayer's Dreaming with a Broken Heart tells the story of lost love.

Jeni, 34  Albanian

One of my coworkers saw me in a dream getting married to my current boyfriend. I was dressed in a white gown and was pregnant. She said I looked very beautifull and everybody was very happy.

Barbra, 23 Scottish

I have these reoccurring dreams of my fiance being incredible rude and hurtful to me, also alot of slow motion actions on my part. But the last one i had made me wake up in the sweats and my chest was pounding.

The dream started with us going out and me going to the washroom and when i came out he was talking to his ex girlfriend (which he had a long relationship with and we had a small confrontation in the beginning of our relationship that hurt me) and when he saw me he just laughed and continued on trying to seduce his ex. When i went to confront him he just stared at me with the coldest look in his eyes. I went to slap him across the face but couldn't. It went in slow motion and when i got to his face it was just a tap, again the laughter and ignorance. i tried to speak to him but no words were coming out and I felt like someone had opened my chest cavity took my heart out and stomped on it a few times. It is a horrible feeling i get after one of these dreams and i would love to hear your input on this one.


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