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At present there are more than 75 interpretations posted, representing a variety of topics such as abortion, mind control, and theosophical conceptions of the universe. The interpretation section can be viewed as a collective artistic gestalt of dreamwork. The success and failure of sublimation patterns of dreamwork defines individual and collective creativity or destructiveness. In the future more interpretations will be added.


The articles that have generated the most interest are Dreams and Film Noir, Juvenile Dreams and Theological Interpretation of Dreams. More articles will be posted in the future.

Living Your Dreams

This a creative forum to artistically materialize the stories found in dreams. The intent is to provide thematic slices of life of the 6.6 people living on the planet. If we make the dynamics of dreams visible for everyone, we can move towards what Melanie Klein proposed, namely the necessity for a reparative and reconciliatory culture.

The E-Book

MYSTERIES OF THE DREAM IN THE GLOBAL VILLAGE: A Cultural Guide for Dreamers, Dreams and Dreaming is intended to provide answers to the perennial question about dreams, "what does it mean"? 

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