Table Of Contents


A Cultural Guide For Dreamers, Dreams and Dreaming (163 pages)

ISBN: 978-0-9697619-0-7

Table of Contents

Prologue: The Dreams in My Life
Introduction: Western Civilization and Dream Vision

Chapter One: Mysteries of the Mind and the Dream

One Thousand and One Nights
The Theatre of the Mind
Entering the Dream: The Medium is the Message
Conversations Great and Small: Setting the Stage
The Sociology of Dreams
Western Literature: Reading for the Plot
A Child’s History of the World
Children’s Dreams: The Psychological Birth of the Child
History, Film and Cultural Dreamscreen
Dream Vision: Allegories of Mystery
Axis Mundi: The Navel of the Dream
The Psychic Oracle
The School of Athens and the Trial of Socrates
The Great Metaphysical Story
Has God Been Framed?
The Library of Babel: Dream Research in the Global Village
Utopia or Dystopia
A Scientific Psychology: Descartes and the Science of Dreams
The Playing Field: The Performance = f (P,E,C/DV) Equation
A Toolbox for Understanding Dreams

Chapter 2: The Marketplace of Dreams, Thought and Theatre

The Greatest Show on Earth
Thought Experiments and The Laboratory of Dreams
Metamorphosis: Why Do We Forget Our Dreams?
A Child Enters the Global Village
The Society of the Spectacle in the Global Village
Colonizers of the Marketplace of Minds, Dreams and Communication
Communication: Reading the Information Codes
What is the Matrix?
The Postmodern Art Machine
Truth and Censorship in the Marketplace of Thought

Chapter 3: Politics of the Dream: The Ship of State

Leadership and the Ship of State
The Anatomy of Civil Authority
The Political Dream Game: The Cybernetic Nerves of Authority
Bonds of the Body Politic
The Stagecraft of Nation States
The Geopolitics of Conversations and Dreams
The Politics of Experience, Change and Justice
Open vs. Closed Society
On Duty and Justice: The Night Watchman
Everybody Lies: Bad Faith and Deception
Excuses: The Diffusion of Responsibility
Failure to Communicate: The Disenfranchised of Total Institutions

Chapter 4: Anthropological Theatres: Anatomy of Dream Vision

The Archetypal Journey of the Hero:
  • Culture and Personality: Personal Growth and Transformation
  • The Days and Nights of Our Lives
  • Once Upon a Time
Sorting Cultures
Languages of Cultures
Anatomy of the Dream: Cultural Body Language
  • Ethnic Codes
  • Class Codes
  • Gender Codes
  • Occupational Codes
  • Racial Codes
  • Religious Codes
  • Censorship: Breaking the Enigmatic Anthropological Codes
Institutionalization: Cultural Coding of the Mind and Communication
  • Educational Institution: The Perils of Pedagogy
  • Financial Institution of the Invisible Hand, Visible Marketplace
  • Legal Institutions: In the Name of Justice
  • Medical Institution: The Body Politic
  • Military Institutions: The Spectacle of War
  • Religious Institutions: The Varieties of Spiritual Experience
Aspects of the Industrial Revolution: Cultural Mind Making Industries:
  • The Culture Industries
  • The Adult Entertainment Industry
  • The Advertising and Marketing Industry
  • The Beauty and Fashion Industries
  • The Journalism Industry
  • The Media Industry
  • The Movie Industry
  • The Music Industry
  • The Sports Industry
  • The Television Industry
  • The Video Gaming Industry

Chapter 5: Clinical Use of Dreams: Healing Psychopathology

The Clinical Use of Dreams: Plotting of Psychopathology
The Symptomology of Dreams
The Healing Power of Dreams
The Talking Cure: A Clinical Frame Story
Steps to an Ecology of the Mind, Imagination and Dreams
Theatre of Sleep: Dream and Film Therapy

Chapter 6: Literary Guide to Dream Vision

In Search of Lost Time: Metaphysics of Dreams
Divine Comedy: Laughter in Hell
Yearbooks: Class of 2008
Case Study: The Navel of Cultural Psychopathology
Speak Your Mind: Rules of the Confessional
Doors of Perception: Finnegan’s Wake
Crime and Punishment
Dream Psychology of Comics, Cartoons and Caricatures
The Darwinian Plot: Survival of Dream Vision
Once Upon a Time: Fables and Fairy Tales
Farce Meets Experiments, Fiction Meets Fact
Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
Film Noir in Cinema, Dreams and the Global Village
Misanthropy: The Literature of Hate
Now Playing: Epic History of Dream Vision
Darkness in the Heart
Politics of the Family Romance
The Growth of the Artist: Anatomy of the Creative Mind
Life and Death
Theatre of Oppression: Authoritarianism in the Global Village
Warrior Dreams: Myths of Masculinity
Money Talks
Choices: A Morality Tale
Philosophy of the Dreaming Mind
Fish Out of Water: Global Problems
Propaganda: The Battle for the Mind
Protest of the Rebel
Anatomy of Love: The Sacred and the Profane
Cosmomysticism: Field of Dreams
The Machinery of Tragedy
Science Fiction’s Ghost in the Machine
A Room of their Own: The Dreams of Women
Thermonuclear War: The Anatomy of Destructive Mind

Postscript: Revolution in Dream Vision

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