Married or Soft Porn?

Dreamer: Richard, 28, North American

I am married, but on occasion I dream about romantic contact with a woman, and it's usually someone I know: a woman at work (one in particular whom I do find attractive), or even someone like a friend's girlfriend that I have never been attracted to. Occasionally it's a woman I've never seen before, or at least I don't think I have. No Hollywood starlets (unfortunately). No full-fledged love-making, typically, but rather touching and kissing and partial-nudity type stuff.

Mr. Hagen's Reply: Married or Soft Porn?

That men and women have erotic dreams despite being married is not news. Just because you're married doesn't mean that you are erotically dead or don't feel attractions (as well as repulsions) does it?

There are some that advocate unfaithfulness in dreams is just as wrong as unfaithfulness in reality. Those voices are in the minority, they do however beg the question as to where the line is drawn?

Hope these thoughts are of help and provide some insight,
Mark H.


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