Tales of the Paranormal

Boris, Russian Parapsychologist, 42 years old

I have gathered a lot of serious information on the problem of dreams. It is well known that some events in the life of the society and lives of its separate representatives are programmed. I have managed to decipher the mechanism of planning future events in the life of an individual. One receives signals carrying information about the future when one is sleeping, but it is possible to receive signals while staying awake.

The information is transferred in form of analog signals that enter the organism through special filters into the brain. These signals provide the basis for the person's karma. The fulfillment of these analog signals in time is dependent on a set of defined parameters which shape the filter, signal processing and karma. The information entering the brain is transformed into visual symbols, but these visions don't correspond unambiguously to the future events. They can only be deciphered by means of using specific codes.

I have found mathematical equations according to which I can calculate the realization of future events from karmic information found in dreams. For these calculations I need the following input information; Date, time, year of birth, date and time of the dream, description of the dream. I have done a variety of experiments to understand the process.

Mr Hagen's Reply:

"Compared to the vast oceanic volume of the unknown spiritual facts, what is all our own material knowledge before the immensity of that which is to come, the spiritual, the unknown, the immensity of being and facts around us of which we cannot possibly take any cognizance".  Walt Whitman Notebooks

PSI Factor: Parapsychology, Politics and Dreaming

The supernatural  genre of the esoteric has always found an audience. The dream is an esoteric vehicle par excellence. Astrology, palmistry, fortune-telling, numerology and prophesy all point to mystic knowledge and hidden PSI variables at work in the universe which affects the unfolding of future events. Telepathy, E.S.P, precognition, lucid dreams, astral projection (journeys out of the body) all speak of paranormal activity.

The idea that the dream has access to different dimensions of reality has long been discussed in history. The Bible speaks of Prophets and the dreams prospective and prophetic powers. Jacob's Ladder provides a stairway to Heaven which underpins the kabbalistic teachings of a mystical road map for the conscious experience of the act of cosmopoetic creation.

The politization of the realms of consciousness and the unconscious (dreams) has existed since the beginning of the Western body politic in ancient Greece. The politics of the Olympian God's and humans are found in the dreams of Homer's Iliad. The politics of dreams are discussed more in depth by the ancient Greek interpreter Artemidorus Interpretation of Dreams. American and Russian parapsychologists fueled the Cold War with such experiments conducted by NASA in studying "energy transfer" also know as "psychophysiological information transfer". The eleventh annual US Army Operations Research Symposium reportedly included a paper "ESP in Decision-Making". Adolf Hitler was reportedly very interested in the occult arts and their use to further his political aims and Nazi vision of the future. Using the work of Wilfred Bion's Experiences in Groups and Charlotte Beradt's Third Reich of Dreams, Gordon Lawrence has developed the matrix model of social dreaming.

Dreaming: In Search of the Miraculous

Your ideas can be traced back to those of the Russian mystic P.D Ospensky A New Model of The Universe. Ouspensky actively explored, researched and experimented in an attempt to understand the enigmatic relationship between dreaming and mysticism. In childhood Ospensky was fascinated by the question, "was it possible to preserve consciousness while dreaming?". If the universe and creation has numerous dimensions such as the quantum level, the biological level, the planetary level, and the cosmological, then dreams may provide insights into the operations of all these dimensions. If the unconscious can access these dimensions, then we can begin to train our consciousness to move of up and down these dimensions. Such works as Dante's Divine Comedy and Cicero's The Dream of Scipio points to astral planes of existence.

Programming the Human Biocomputer

I agree that the human mind can be "programmed". Brainwashing, self-hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming all testify to the reality of this idea. The mathematician John von Neumann The Computer and the Brain has discussed the analog and digital design feature of the human nervous system and hypothesized an information processing model for memory storage. A relatively more recent popular discussion by John Lilly Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Biocomputer defines the mind as the sum of all information processing programs. A memory manager organizes inputs, outputs and processing. From this perspective dreams represent the fund of bio-programs of performance abilities which can be used by the programmer.

In a scene in the film The Matrix we find that the character Trinity has a helicopter program downloaded into her brain, which allows her pilot a chopper. We can conceptually understand this phenomena as hypnopaedia or sleep learning. While this may sound like science fiction we may see a time in the near future where such technology of a human and computer interface becomes a possibility. The film Minority Report uses a computer to register the dream images of three women with precognitive powers. This allows for the deciphering of the images so that future crimes can be prevented.

The Doors of Perception

Aldous Huxley Doors of Perception was led to the realization that the nervous system acts as a filter. Information is edited and the conscious perception of the world is only a small part of what is possible to perceive. Huxley's use of psychedelic drugs allowed him to expand his awareness and go beyond "reduced reality", providing an operational basis for understanding the dynamics of the human mind. Books by Jane Roberts, Carlos Castenda and Stanislov Grof Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research attest to the variety of ways to alter awareness.

The researchers Donald Broadbent and Anne Treisman have provided neurological models to explain the filtering and editing process of the nervous system. Sigmund Freud Interpretation of Dreams postulated a censor function which edited conscious thought and dreaming.

The Mystic Arts: The Occult, Alchemy and Karma

The occult refers to secret or concealed knowledge of the universe. The mystic arts include such teachings such as alchemy, magic, astral projection and astrology and attempt to access this hidden knowledge. The alchemists "Philosophers Stone" symbolized the hidden mysteries and magical powers of the universe. Indian philosophy speculates that time is cyclical and that the human being is trapped in causal-circular time. Karma or causal time enslaves the individual, while Indian metaphysics attempts and seeks human liberation by the annihilation of karma.

Popular TV shows such as PSI Factor (see TV clip) as well as the X-Files (view TV clip) have entertained its audiences.

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