The Dreams of the 2006 Canadian Election

by Mark Hagen

Have you recently had a dream about the politics of the upcoming 2006 Canadian election?

For example, a dream about the national candidates Paul Martin, Steven Harper, Jack Layton or Gilles Duceppe or the candidates in the 308 federal ridings, or the major issues (gay marriage, health care, the economy, Quebec separatism etc.), and/or the election process itself? Do you have personal political issues which you believe are going unheard?

If yes, please submit your dreams today! or contact Mark Hagen, MA at Mr Hagen is researching the influences of Canadian National politics on everyday dreams and dreaming. For those interested in national dreams such as the Canadian Dream they can visit Mr Hagen's National Dreams section of this website and learn more.

When describing the dream provide as much detail as possible and any thoughts or feelings about what the dream might mean.

All dream reports will be kept confidential.

All material Copyright 2006 International Institute for Dream Research. All rights reserved.